Corporate Social Responsibility

Social commitment

NFON takes responsibility. We are a young company. We let the Enactus motto speak for itself: "Improving the world on a small scale together and becoming part of the world's largest network of students, companies and universities".

This also includes climate protection. We all know that if we don't start changing things, we won't be able to change anything soon.


NFON takes responsibility for climate protection

The plan: We want to fully compensate for our CO2 footprint. With the help of ClimatePartner we have calculated the total CO2 consumption of NFON. This figure is updated annually. This enables us to adapt our climate protection measures to our actual CO2 consumption.

The greenhouse gases are offset by supporting recognized climate protection projects. NFON will support a local climate protection project. The project enables planting of a tree for every compensated ton of CO2. This contribution is important for regional climate protection. To guarantee the climate neutrality of NFON, ClimatePartner also supports an internationally recognized forest protection project.

Why the reforestation? Forests can store large amounts of CO2, which can positively change the climate - globally, regionally and locally. By supporting reforestation, NFON is making a contribution to climate protection.


NFON is socially committed


NFON cooperates with the student initiative "Enactus" in Munich. With over 70,000 members, Enactus is the largest student entrepreneurship initiative in the world. By founding independent non-profit organizations, the members of Enactus solve social and ecological problems with an entrepreneurial approach and thus contribute to the implementation of the 17 goals for sustainable development of the United Nations.

The Enactus projects combat a wide range of acute problems around the world. For example, Enactus provides beekeeper training for refugees. Through the training, refugees receive a regular income and are thus socially integrated.

Another project fights for the right to clean drinking water for everyone. Enactus teaches local people how to make water filters and thus enables people in Tanzania to have access to clean drinking water.

NFON supports Enactus financially in the implementation of the projects. At the same time, the Board of Directors advises Enactus on business issues that arise during the development of the projects.