Research & Development

The research and development department concentrates both on the development of new products and services and also on the development of product expansions and new functions for existing products and services, which are made available to NFON customers through regular updates.

Agile software development

Products and services are developed internally using agile software development involving the following areas:


NFON develops its products following a clearly defined process.


NFON is currently focusing its R&D activities on the further development of the new NFON client Cloudya. The new solution is the first step towards transforming the successful cloud telephone system into a communication service platform. It forms the basis for further features, technologies and services, which will enrich the NFON platform in the future.

Development into a UC provider

NFON believes that the integration of additional UCaaS solutions is a necessary step towards meeting the demand for more comprehensive communication solutions in a rapidly changing work environment and fully meeting customer demands.



At the end of 2018, Research & Development comprised 62 employees. The R & D departments are located in Munich, Berlin and Mainz.