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Working with us is not just a job, we are changing the world of communication. We offer a great total package: Attractive remuneration and much more.

Our values

Not just safe, Germany safe | NFON

Act like an entrepreneur.

Our goal is to make communication for our customers as effective and seamless as possible. Sometimes the road to that goal can be bumpy. But we are certain we can do it. For that we need pragmatic ideas and people who get things done. Never get discouraged and walk the extra mile. If plan A doesn't work, the alphabet still has 25 other letters to choose from.

So be ambitious. Take on responsibility. Trust yourself. Feel empowered and empower your teammates.

Be respectful.

There is one thing that builds the foundation of everything we do. And that is respect.

Whether it is towards our employees, our partners or our customers. We value each other’s commitment and listen to diverse opinions. Our goal is to create a healthy environment.

So be open-minded. Pay attention to what others have to say. Communicate – directly and openly. Talk to each other, instead of talking about each other. Provide feedback to learn from each other and appreciate accomplishments.

Not just safe, Germany safe | NFON
Not just safe, Germany safe | NFON

Achieve together.

Of course everyone has personal goals. But at the end of the day what counts is the success of the overall team. That sharing a common goal leads us to extraordinary results. At NFON we’re all about a positive and goal-oriented culture. Where you can get genuine feedback. Where errors are seen as inevitable when striving for breakthrough progress.

So work as a team. Learn from the people around you. Grow together. And celebrate joint success.

My colleagues and the whole team are great! We motivate each other and I felt welcome from day one.

I particularly like the open communication culture and the passionate discussions that lead to the best possible result in the end. There is also a lot of trust placed in the teams.

If something goes wrong, no one points the finger at others, but solutions are worked on. The managers act in an employee-oriented way and the whole environment is family-friendly and open.

There is a positive vibe throughout my department. Colleagues at every level hold you in high esteem and your concerns always fall on open ears.

Even in the first few weeks, I was involved in decisions. The induction was also structured and it was super easy to integrate into the job and the team.

What are we convinced of?

That innovation and creativity only come about thanks to diverse perspectives. That's why discrimination and accessibility are not abstract concepts for us, but lived reality. We are German and Turkish, Indian and Ecuadorian - we are international, colourful and multifaceted. We are all different, but all at eye level. And we have one thing in common above all: the motivation to take communication to the next level, to make it easier and ready for the future. Diversity is not just a buzzword for us, but a firmly anchored value in the DNA of NFON AG.

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