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Yesterday & Tomorrow

The face of Germany’s cultural revolution in the 1960s, Rainer Langhans was an early advocate of material sacrifice and growth from within. But only now, through modern means of communication, does he believe that societal change is closer than ever. “The internet helps people share things instead of owning them, to exchange services and communicate across huge distances,” ... How exactly do you communicate within a commune, and with young people?

Clouds Magazine #1/2021

The magic of new beginnings

Nothing stays the same; it’s the way of the world. For some, that might sound harsh, but this observation also contains a comforting truth: after every end comes the magic of a new beginning. Dr Klaus Guba, our ‘thought-host’ for this issue, knows
this only too well.

Clouds Magazine #2/2020

Relying on Changes

This issue of CLOUDS is a special one, different. The change of this magazine reflects the times we live in. Much of what we thought of as certain is now being put to the test. The world is in a process of transformation, which requires us to be flexible and steadfast….