Make a lasting impression.

One of our main goals is to make an impact. On communication, but also on the planet. Therefore we are committed to integrate sustainability into every aspect of our daily business.

Sustainability & ESG

To help make NFON more sustainable we have set sustainability objectives and measures. Let’s take a closer look.


… is the ability to operate over the long term without harming the environment, social conditions or economic opportunities for future generations. It is a more general term that refers to general lifestyles and the way we use resources.

Environmental Social Governance

… short ESG – assess the environmental and social impact and how a company is managed. It is an analytic approach that uses data to evaluate companies against E, S, and G related risks and opportunities. Therefore helping companies to stay on track with their goals.

“Sustainability is a crucial component of our corporate strategy, and we are dedicated to make sustainability front and center in our way of working.”

Patrik Heider, CEO of NFON AG

ESG Objectives

  • Environmental
  • Social
  • Governance

We ensure that NFON has a positive impact on the planet. Every day.

  • Emissions: We want to become net zero by 2025. To reach that goal we are constantly working on reducing our greenhouse gas emissions as well as compensating them. Additionally we are planning our travel time and business trips efficiently. If we need to travel, we do all domestic traveling by rail.
  • Energy: At NFON we are reducing our energy consumption and using only renewable energy across our offices in Europe. But we are not stopping there. All NFON data centers use renewable energy.
  • Waste: With our cloud-based services we help companies use fewer physical PBXs for their communication. We also check and disclose the circular economy of suppliers in the course of social supply chain management. And once our own equipment is outdated we pass it on to clubs and schools.
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We build and maintain a place where we all enjoy being and growing. Not only for our employees, but also for all communities that work with us. 

  • Employee satisfaction: We want to achieve an employee satisfaction rate of 80% by 2025, by offering many benefits, like hybrid working, sabbatical or educational leave, and many more.
  • Family friendliness: We want to create a working environment for our employees, where they can achieve a good balance between work and family. Therefore we offer children’s sick days and kindergarten subsidies.
  • Remuneration policy: Our employees receive the same pay for the same work. We pay fair and competitive salaries. There are no structural salary differences.
  • Diversity: We pursue the goal of filling every position with the best possible expertise. At the same time we are promoting our employees in the best possible way.
  • Occupational safety: The physical and mental health of our employees is very important to us. To maintain and promote both we offer beneficial seminars on reducing stress, discounts to fitness studios and open consultation hours.
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We believe in straightforward and honest business. We care about people and their rights and take data seriously.

  • Product responsibility: We want to make work smarter, not complicated. For this we continuously further develop our products and services. Of course always in respect of Data Protection & IT Security.
  • Compliance: We anchor our code of conduct for all employees in everyday business. Our standards ensure compliance with legal regulations, internal company guidelines and ethical business practices.
  • Sustainable procurement: We make sure to select suppliers who are committed to the values of sustainable production and logistics including respect for human rights.
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Our Corporate Social Responsibility Actions

SOS-Children's Villages

We promote the digitalization and education of vulnerable groups not only in the form of donations, but also actively in our joint project with Rafiki.


We partner with ClimatePartner to calculate and align our CO2 consumption, enabling targeted climate protection measures.

Your contact for sustainability at NFON

Do you have any questions on sustainability issues or would you like to receive further information on sustainability at NFON? Please get in touch with us.

Friederike Thyssen
Vice President Investor Relations & Sustainability
Phone: +49 89 45300 449

Please understand that the sustainability team can only answer sustainability-related questions. Further contacts can be found under Contacts at the top right of our corporate website.

Not just safe, Germany safe | NFON