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The NFON story

NFON simplifies communication. Every day we offer companies across Europe intuitive communication solutions to improve their business. NFON was founded in 2007 with the aim to revolutionise B2B communication. In order to deliver the best customer experience and accelerate our growth, we have a very strong partner network across Europe, with over than 1,000 partners – from small IT experts to large system integrators.

Clouds Magazine

Our second “clouds” issue explains what digital challenges Europe is currently facing and what is particularly crucial about this situation. How important is the digital transformation for ensuring Europe’s ultimate goals of freedom and peace? Where are countries like Italy and France in terms of digitisation, and what are they doing to catch up? We have included two case studies to show how companies in Spain and Austria are dealing with digitisation and cloud telephony. Discover more about NFON and the world of telecommunications:

  • Clouds Magazine Edition June 2019
  • Clouds Magazine Edition November 2019

Key investment highlights

Pan-European Company

We are the only true pan-European Cloud PBX company best positioned to become the dominant European player.

Exciting opportunities

The vast, accessible business communication market is being disrupted by the structural shift to Cloud PBX solutions.

Strong business model

Our robust business model results in a unique combination of massive growth and sustainable recurring revenue.

German engineering

NFON’s state-of-the-art, German-engineered Cloud PBX solution is tailored to the unique needs of European customers.

Continuous growth

Our outstanding track record of scalable growth is underpinned by break-even profitability at Group level.

Clear growth strategy

We have a proven strategy for advancement that leverages multi-dimensional growth layers.

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