If situations arise in which you believe that a breach of compliance has occurred, NFON would like you to speak up. Serious information helps us to rectify infringements at an early stage and to reduce damage to our company, our employees and our business partners. We therefore offer a number of channels for you to contact us in order to report compliance violations - anonymously if you wish.

The opportunity to make comments is available to all NFON employees, but also to customers, suppliers and other third parties.

NFON and the NFON Compliance Officer protect the interests of the whistleblowers not only by setting up this secure whistleblowing system, but also by promising to treat incoming information confidentially and to protect whistleblowers acting to the best of their knowledge against any disadvantages resulting from a whistleblow by all appropriate means.

In clarifying the information, we also take into account the justified interests of protection of the persons affected by a report. Please bear in mind that suspicions and accusations against a person can have serious consequences. We therefore encourage you to use the whistleblowing system responsibly.

An open communication culture is an essential component of well-functioning compliance. Employees must be able to address mistakes openly and, above all, at an early stage. The primary contact person should therefore always be the manager. As a third party, please contact your respective business partner at NFON.

If you have the feeling that you cannot contact your manager or business partner with your concern - for whatever reason - please contact the NFON Compliance Officer:

Christian Oßwald
Click here to make a report to the Compliance Officer or choose

Phone: + 49 89 45300-194

Employees, customers, suppliers and other third parties may also contact the external NFON ombudsman in confidence if there are suspicions of a breach of the law or of internal regulations. The ombudsman service is provided by an independent law firm. If so desired by the whistleblower, the ombudsman also maintains the anonymity of the whistleblower vis-à-vis NFON. It will then refrain from passing on the name or contact details of a whistleblower to NFON. The use of the ombudsman service is voluntary and free of charge for whistleblowers.

NFON's ombudsman service is provided by the law firm LMR Lindemann Mentzel Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH ("LMR") in Munich. Your contact there is Dr. Ralph Mentzel, attorney at law. He speaks German and English. Please note that LMR cannot provide legal services for you. There is no client relationship between you and LMR.

In particular, if for any reason you can only submit your report anonymously, our ombudsman is the correct addressee. It guarantees that your personal data will not be disclosed to NFON. Please note that the ombudsman cannot establish anonymity if your identity can be deduced from the content or factual context of your report.

To make a report to the ombudsman, please write an email to ombudsstelle.nfon@lmrlaw.de

or choose

Phone: +49 89 242946-0

Please expect a response time of 3 to 5 working days for each message. NFON guarantees that all reports will be taken seriously and treated confidentially.

Your NFON Compliance Officer
Your NFON Ombudsman