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Employee Benefits

  • At least 30 days of leave per year as standard: Because only those who are refreshed also like to come to work.
  • Sabbatical: Because only - you guessed it - those who are rested also like to come to work.
  • Workation: Sure, Europe is our home. Enjoy your evening off in Tuscany or Sicily.
  • Hybrid working with up to three home office days: Because we know that more flexibility is good for all of us. And because we trust you.
  • Location-flexible working: Are you based in London, but a perfect match for our Mannheim team? No problem, we still have a desk for you in London!
  • Company pension scheme: We all don't want to hear it, but it's true anyway: Because we all grow old one day.
  • Job bike: Good for you, good for the environment and more fresh air for everyone. Yay!
  • Subsidy for public transport: Never again stand in traffic jams, but surf, read, watch series on the way to work. No problem at all!
  • Kindergarten subsidy: We give up to €100 per month per child. So you don't have to worry so much.
  • The child is sick? No stress. We give 10 fully paid leave days just in case. Because we care.

Application Process

Online Application

Apply online to the position you are interested via our portal.

Online Interview

Make a strong first impression via video interview and get a feel for what it’s like to work at NFON.

Application Assessment

We review each application closely before deciding next steps and letting you know as soon as we can.

The Onsite Interview

Come and meet us here. Tell us more of your story and the difference you can make to our business.

Assess Team Fit

Experience our working culture and atmosphere firsthand. Ask questions and meet your potential team.

Applicant Feedback

How did you perform? We’re always happy to provide honest, constructive feedback to NFON applicants.

Receiving Your Offer

Congratulations! Once offered a position, we’ll work together to confirm and agree all the details.

Welcome to NFON

The journey starts here! Our structured onboarding programme will get you up and running in no time.

Our teams

Human Resources

Finding talents and turning them into experts: The HR Team does not only design corporate culture. It also supports employees by answering all questions regarding their career, as well as the company’s growth.


Want to change the future of business communication? You’ll have to think ahead. That’s why the finance team analyses economic developments and helps increase the profitability of the company with their expertise and much more.


What actually is our market? How does it work and how do we place our products there? And who are we actually? Our product promises and positioning, the brand strategy, campaigns, our website or even our social media channels: everything that you see on the outside originates here.

Revenue Operations

Not only keeping an eye on the big picture, but also an overview - the Revenue Operations team takes care of the infrastructure in Sales & Marketing, keeps an eye on the important KPIs and manages our business via reporting and forecasts.


More than 3,500 partners in Europe and the sales team are the first point of contact for our customers. Together with the partners, we create a solution concept for the requirements of our customers. Because NFON sells more than just a communication product, but an overall experience.


The Research and Development Team is all about innovation. Always focusing on one goal: Creating user friendly solutions for complex problems. While also taking business communication to the next level.

Consulting & Services

One solution for all? Impossible. That’s why the Consulting & Services Teams support customer who are looking for individual solutions by finding a communication system that fits their needs perfectly.

Data & Information Security

The future of communication is safe. Data protection safe. The Data & Information Security Team creates innovations that are not only conformable to data security but also help increase productivity and efficiency. Furthermore, it focuses on customer satisfaction in the area of quality management.

Operations & Infrastructure

The team for perfect workflow: Operations & Infrastructure makes sure the infrastructure and daily business keep running. They solve problems within operating cycles and design new tools that continuously optimize them.


The support team lives to support. They use their knowledge to help fulfill our customers' needs and create a special bond with them. Their main goal? Keeping our customers happy.

Product Management

The bigger picture is just as important as the smallest details: The product management team observes our competitors, develops product and product features further and analyses risks – while working together with different teams.

Legal & Compliance

Every company must know, assess and mitigate the risks it takes. The Legal & Compliance team helps to identify the risks of business operations and mitigate them, e.g. through clever contract design or intelligent processes, in order to secure the company's existence.

Agile Transitions & Agile Coaching

The Agile Transition & Coaching Team supports other teams and accompanies them in the strategic establishment of an agile organization. Using agile methods, individual process steps are combined into a concept of an efficient and effective workflow. 

Our offices


The cosmopolitan city is not only the cultural and media centre of Bavaria, but also the headquarters of NFON AG. In Munich, 180 employees work in eight departments on three floors. And in addition to fixed and shared working spaces, there are also plenty of spots for coffee breaks.


Central, lively and inspiring: the location in Berlin Friedrichshain stimulates creativity and the restaurants in the vicinity stimulate team spirit. There are parking spaces not only for your car, but also for your bike.


Helping to shape business communication during the day and walking along the Atlantic Ocean in the afternoon? That's possible with 25 colleagues at the NFON location in Lisbon. Centrally located in the historic city centre, with bicycle parking and train and bus stations right on the doorstep.


It doesn't get much better than this: the NFON location in the London suburb of Uxbridge is easy to reach by metro and - yes - also easy to reach from Heathrow Airport. On top of that, there's free parking and a gym in the office.


In the midst of Renaissance and half-timbered buildings, the business communication of the future is being shaped in the capital of Rhineland-Palatinate. 82 employees work here in the Research & Development, Support and Technical Consulting departments.


Between restaurants, the banks of the Rhine and the Rhine terraces: 12 employees from the Research & Development department work in a central location right next to the main railway station. In the south-west German city of Mannheim, there are fixed and shared working spaces and great cuisine for everyone.


Working in style: well connected to the city centre, eleven employees work in NFON's Research & Development department on the fifth floor of the Copernico building in the fashion capital of Milan.

St. Pölten

The business communication of tomorrow is also being shaped from one of the oldest cities in Austria. Located centrally at the railway station in St. Pölten, 40 employees from five departments are currently working there.


The Manchester location is well connected and accessible regionally by public transport and internationally by proximity to Manchester Airport. In the Manchester Business Park, 22 employees work at fixed workstations and hotdesks.