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INTERNATIONAL: promotes diversity and drives multiculturalism across teams in different countries

INCLUSIVE: values contributions from every and all levels of the organization: every single person has a voice

IMMERSIVE: surrounds people with amazing teams and intelligent products

AMBITIOUS: supports continuous learning endeavors

ENTREPRENEURIAL: offers people one of the most autonomous work environment cultures

HUMANISTIC: fosters a flexible, collaborative and innovative working environment where people actively listen and contribute

You want... work with people from a diverse mix of countries and cultures and are open to new ways of thinking and boosts to  your creativity!

...a partnership: where all teams work as One to ensure continuous creativity, innovation and success. use your skills to solve complex problems and develop cloud communications that are ready for the new world of work. work with teams that encourage personal and professional growth, and proactively look after its people.

...a team that likes winning together, while celebrating individual talents and contributions.

...a friendly, supportive and professional culture that values hard work and also knows how to have fun!

Application Process

Online Application

Apply online to the position you are interested via our portal.

Online Interview

Make a strong first impression via video interview and get a feel for what it’s like to work at NFON.

Application Assessment

We review each application closely before deciding next steps and letting you know as soon as we can.

The Onsite Interview

Come and meet us here. Tell us more of your story and the difference you can make to our business.

Assess Team Fit

Experience our working culture and atmosphere firsthand. Ask questions and meet your potential team.

Applicant Feedback

How did you perform? We’re always happy to provide honest, constructive feedback to NFON applicants.

Receiving Your Offer

Congratulations! Once offered a position, we’ll work together to confirm and agree all the details.

Welcome to NFON

The journey starts here! Our structured onboarding programme will get you up and running in no time.

Our offices


Employees: 155, Departments: Sales, Marketing, Finance, HR, Support, Product Development, R&D, Logistics.


Employees: 36, Departments: R&D, TC, Sales, Investor Relations.


Employees: 17, Departments: Research & Development.


Employees: 41, Departments: Marketing, Sales, Support


Employees: 8, Departments: Sales, Marketing, TC, Customer Care.


Employees: 5, Departments: Sales, Marketing


Employees: 12, Departments: Sales, Marketing, TC, HR

St. Pölten

Employees: 40, Departments: Sales, Marketing, Finance, TC, HR


Employees: 8, Departments: Sales


Employees: 20, Departments: Sales, Marketing, HR


Employees: 82, Departments: R&D, Support, TC.


Employees: 11, Departments: R&D.

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